Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Blog Revived

I think it's time I came back to the internet a little bit. Here is some new work.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Demon Finished!

I present: The Demon

Hey everyone! I finished this guy up this weekend. Here is the final composite illustration and some shots of the sculpt. This was a lot of fun. This took me about 16 hours total from start to finish. Thank you Darksiders, and Venom comic books for inspiring this guy!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Beast Mode Continues on.....

So this render isn't all pretty. It's just a quickshot. The pretty renders of the sculpt, and polypaint are coming :) I was able to finish up the sculpt of this bust and begin the polypaint this weekend. Another session at home and this guy should be all ready for his digital illustration debut. Total time into this whole guy so far is around 8 hours. At one point I added an Arm, but it wasn't working. It also began to take away from the original intent of this bust. Throughout this entire process I ended up going back to my original ideas after trying out numerous things. I don't think it is just because I was stuck on an idea. I think it was more-so going back to my intent with the piece. I was trying to force things that weren't important to what I was trying to achieve. Sometimes intent can be all one needs to be creative :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sculpts from last night..

Hey everyone!

So here is a 2 hourish sculpt from last night. I recently got back form my honeymoon. No cell phone, no laptop, no zbrush. All I had was my wife, the ocean, a beautiful room, and my sketchbook. I have to tell you it was an amazing time. It was great getting to spend so much time with my wife. Being away form everything can really up things into perspective. It can make you appreciate things. I haven't touched zbrush in about 3 weeks. Yesterday was the first time I even opened up the program. I missed it, I appreciated it. I think sometimes we take for granted as character artists, designers, concept artists, environment/world artists, that we work on the cutting edge. We work with some of the newest and best technologies in the world. I mean hell. I make shit in 3 fucking D! This was me actually just having fun and re-experiencing the magic that is with us everyday.

So i plan on polishing this guy up. Get some polypaint on him. This dude was a by-product of everything I looked at this week. As well as some of the things I have been sketching. I have been wanting to improve my pencil skills, specifically so I can start diving into doing my own comic. I love the human figure. I love that superheroes tend to be exercises in anatomy. I have been reading/ drawing a lot of Venom and various spider-mans. I have also been playing the first #Darksiders here and there. That game is adult zelda. I am diggin it.  Anyway!!!!! I think you can see all the influences coming together. Plus I got to sculpt with my man bootz via skype so there was an added level of inspiration. Remember everyone. If you are just doing a speed sculpt, don't put aside all the art you have absorbed in the last few days prior to sitting down. Use it, call on it. Get comfortable with it. You obviously like it, so do something with it!

- Joe

Thursday, February 28, 2013

The last pieces I worked on before 27

I'm gonna be 27 in two minutes. Here are the last few things I have touched at 26.

I'll keep you all posted on what my art at 27 looks like. Promise :)

- Joe

Monday, December 31, 2012

Last post of 2012. Life Theft!

Was doing a session with Adrian this morning. I started working on this in the morning. My buddy adrian and I did a final sculpting session for the year via skype. Looking at this wip, rembering all the work ive done at this year at Red 5, and all the studying ive done. I can say whole heartedly that I have improved. I have two of my digital illustrations hung up in my home. I took a class with my best buddy and I learned a very important lesson. nothing beats the power of cataloging observation. I have learned more this year by applying what I learn from seeing the people around me. I constantly am applying the lessons of charles hu, bridgeman, hogarth, darcy korch, robert vigone, ryan kingslien, and care michaud. I can see all the forms I have learned about in peoples faces. im begining to see how some faces break rules. How flesh and bone interact. I can only keep growing and hope next year to grow even mmore. I'm updating this on my phone, so I apologize for errors. This wip is the head of the vulture. I am currentlt attempting to make the cover of "the Amazing Spider-Man" issue 387. This is the first comic I remember ever getting. It was a key piece in my life of what made me want to be an artist. I originally wanted to be a comic book artist. I realized this week after picking up issue 700 of amaing spiderman, that I still love comic books. I also realized that just becuase I am a digital sculpter, does not mean I cant do comic related projects. so I am re-creating this cover in 3D! It is the best way to pay homage for something that inspired me to my bones. I cant twll you how many times I drew this cover and its pages. Vulture steals Spideys youth! It's awesome! must get ready for new years. Cheers everyone. Last wip of 2012!

Be safe everyone. And keep fuckin sculpting. May the force be with us all in 2013.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Saw the Hobbit

So I saw The Hobbit last night. I love me some dwarfs haha. Sketched up a Dwarf on my lunch break today. I am not sure if I will finish this guy or not.  But everyone should go see The Hobbit. That movie is awesome. I was quite happy to return to middle earth.....

Friday, December 14, 2012

Moist Joyce!.......and another Ryan Kingslien Video!

My Fiance was super into Garbage Pail Kids back in the day, but she no longer has any of her collection. So for Hanukkah this year I decided to make her one It's based off of the original Moist Joyce card, but I changed a few things of course. I may do some more tweaks on this, but It's the last day of Hanukkah and I'm outta time. I just got it in the frame. Overall with my time constraints I think I am pretty happy with it.


You guys should check out this Ryan Kingslien Video on how to think about sculpting hair. It's an awesome video. It def helped me out.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So It has been a little while since my last post. I have been busy with life. My best friends dad recently passed, I'm converting to Judaism, which takes lots of time to study (I love it!) and with Hanukkah upon me, I am finishing an illustration for a gift to my lovely Fiance! While my best friend and I were at his house, and his dad was in his last few days, him and I did art. We sculpted, and it was therapeutic I think. Anyway, here is one of the sketches I was working on in that time. It turned into Clown from Spawn haha. I want to finish the bust for sure. My fiances art piece shall be posted here soon!

Keep on keepin on everyone!

- Joe

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Working on heads!

So I have been working the last few days on my head sculpting, just doing studies, little speed sculpts here and there. I have been watching quite a few Ryan Kingslien videos on youtube. I thought I would share one of them with you. It is called "Sculpting the face" He gives not only great tips about the anatomy of the face. But he talks a lot about what it means to be a professional, what you can do to get better, and overall how to approach things.  I want to go over these images I have posted, and label all the parts of the face. The best way to learn, is to give something a name. It's high tide I learned them all! Anyway, Here is another home doodle. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Different ways to think about your Goals for personal art:

I have always taken the approach with this blog to just post up my artwork. Rarely do I post anything without an artwork update. I feel that isn't as helpful to myself or to you, my fellow artists, professionals, and the overall community at large. We should be sharing our ideas. We should be spreading them and working collectively towards becoming masters of our craft.

Let's talk about personal artwork goals for a minute. I don't want this to be confused with contributing to a side project. I am talking about going through the motions of just making a character for yourself and your own satisfaction. Most people think of things in terms of goals. It is in our nature. When it comes to creating a AAA game character there is a very clear road to follow. Block out, High Poly, Low Poly, Bake, Texture, Rig, Animate.

There are steps in between, but this is the basic road map. While this works on a professional level, I find it difficult for these goals to push me when making personal artwork. In the end I find that having a singular final render as a goal isn't always enough. In the end it becomes a file on my hard drive and a still image (maybe a video turn around) on a website. This isn't a bad thing. It's great we can all share these works. I am not downplaying their awesomeness for one minute. For myself though, that hasn't been enough. Everything ends up feeling like it is just practice outside of work. It is too easy to abandon a personal character work early on, and move onto sculpting something else.

What I have concluded is that I have needed a shift in goals. I need to make things that are more tangible for me. I got into the art field because I wanted to create pictures. I love sculpting, I love making characters for games at work, but I still haven't found myself personally satisfied. I believe I have found a way to change that by shifting my goals.

My goals now are to create illustrations and art series pieces based on my high poly works. My new goals go as followed:

  1. Decide/Design the character you wish to make. (Keep in mind all of the following steps when designing.
  2. Plan out the art series. (I feel some of this you can freeball as you go, but you should at least give it a thought)
    - How many pieces do you want make?
    - How do you want each piece lit?
    - How do you want to pose your character for each illustration?
    - Do you want to make album covers?
    - Do you want to split a render up into 2 or 3 panels?
    - Do you want anything printed on canvas?
    - Do you want to mount this stuff on board? Etc, etc.
    - What pose do you want the 3D print to be in?
  3. Make the high poly character.
  4. PolyPaint/3D paint it.
  5. Build a low poly and bake everything (This to me is an optional step, it's all about what I wanna do with it right?)
  6. Pose out your high poly in the various poses and scenarios you need/want for your art series.
  7. Get the digital sculpture 3D printed in the pose of your choice
  8. Render your character in various lighting moods.
  9. Photo shop those images and turn them into illustrations with different moods and environments.
  10. Get them printed on board, or canvas, or whatever. Get the sculpture 3D printed as well. Get this stuff physical.
    Step 10 is the most important step to me. Make it real. Make the art you want to make. For me I always have wanted to make paintings and things for people to physically see, something they can hold, touch, hang up, look at, pass out, show off in the home. Don't let your creation be another file on a hard drive. This methodology hits my personal artistic goals while using everything I have learned.

We create beautiful pieces of 3D art that we usually pose once, render out, and call it a day. But because we have this 3D work, we need to take advantage of our ability to pose it, and light it as much as we want, and get drastically different art pieces. You can turn 1 character into a series of 2 – 5 completely different illustrations. You can get creative with text. You can make album covers, book covers, illustration panels, etc etc.

Just typing all this gets me excited. I am excited because I feel it give my work purpose, meaning, longevity, and most importantly it gives me a clear goal when I am making a piece. It makes creating the character just one small piece of a greater whole (just like a character in a game) but all the work is focused on that character you have created. With just 3 characters, you could make an entire gallery of things that people and yourself can enjoy.

The main thing I am trying to communicate is this. If you find yourself struggling to finish personal art. If you find yourself struggling to create it. Re-shift your entire perception on what your overall goal as an artist is. Gear your personal work to what you would like to see. You may find you finish more art.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Practice vs. Practical

I normally don't take the proper time on this here blog to post any sort of useful knowledge or insight. I think I should try to change that up a bit. I am still pretty lazy about posting, but I am going to try and be less so :)

Today I want to write about Practice vs. Practicality

Currently I am working on taking my base body (Pictured in the post below) and turning it into a super buff or "Hulked" out version (Pictured with this post).

I have plans for two new character projects. I am keeping them a secret for now :P

Both of these projects will be using this base body as a jumping off point, and I may use this base body for another character after that. This is not cheating! This is being practical. I find now a days I don't have the time to make art the way I used to. Not because I don't want to. But I work full time, I enjoy hanging with my friends, getting married, etc etc. While its always good to practice and do things from scratch for personal work, I find that just isn't always practical. I finish less new art, and I learn less over time. By recycling, tweaking, using almost done things as jumping off points for other things, I find can be more creative than starting from scratch on everything. While I won't use this base body for every piece of art going forward, I at least now have a tool for making a few complete pieces. If you find yourself not having as much time to create something new, take something else and work with it to get something together in a minimal amount of time. This may seem obvious to some, but the reality is. Practice is good, practice makes perfect. But practice doesn’t always finish a new piece of art. For that, sometimes we just need to be practical.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Been awhile since my last post. I finished up a new base body to work from. This body is going to be the base for my next 2 character sculpts. Should probably get around to building the Low Poly for my rage demon guy as well..... haha

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sunday Doodles

Hey Everyone, just a doodle I have been messing around with. Just wanted to practice my forms and try to bust out a decent head in a short amount of time.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Final Image For First Half of Creature Class

This is my interpretation of the Yeti.

I wanted him to feel as though he is self aware, not just another animal. I also wanted him to feel like an Elder Yeti of a kind of animal pack or clan. Through evolution the Yeti species began to have hair that changes from white when they are young , to an orange color as they age.  This allows them to be hunted more easily by predators as to keep their numbers low so they can stay a secluded race... However the Yeti even with age is still good at hunting and hiding. I wouldn't want to run into the young or the old of this Legendary race......

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creatures Week 004

Here is an update of my week 4 assignment. :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Classwork week 3 assignment

Hey Everyone. Once again it is late as hell and I am posting up my homework haha. This week we refined our designs from paint overs we did of our characters. We added hair and choose basically the direction and design we wanted to run with. I am going for an elder yeti. Someone who looks wise and sentient.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Speed Sculpt tonight

Hey everyone, Speed sculpt before bed. This isn't for class. I just wanted to bust something out before bed.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Creatures and such

Hey everyone,

So I have been taking a creature modeling class online at cg workshops. Here is some of my week one speed sculpts. the Subject matter is "Yeti" I would write more, but I'm tired haha. Also, there is an update of the rage demon guy I have been working on. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

RAGE Mutant

It's been quite awhile since I updated this blog, or even had it open to the public. I have decided it is about time to open it back up and allow people to see what I am working on. I can't promise to update often, but I can try to at least update! :) That being said, I am working on a mini character that can fit in RAGE. The idea was to use Bobo the Seal's Demon SDK as the base mesh and build something that looks like it could belong in RAGE. It has since grown a bit beyond the original SDK, but Bobo needs credit for the base mesh none the less! haha. (Links provided at the end to his work)

In these images you can see some of my process for personal works. I usually have a rough idea in my head that I flesh out in the 3D process. I sometimes do paint overs or concept things I like, or am unsure of. However, mainly I try to design in 3D for mini projects like this. I let the cahracter take on a life of its own and find itself. I do make sure in the initial planning phase though to block out everything I think I want represented in just basic shapes or primitives. I can get an idea of balance and where it's headed. If I can say anythign about character or design its this. Don't be afraid in your personal work to gut something and do something different. If it isn't working don't just force it cause you want it. Make sure it makes sense. Make sure it fits your goals, keep it simple, and most of all if you know something should be cooler.... make it cooler! haha. I will be re-visitnng the tire shoulder pad as it doesn't look cool enough anymore compared to the rest of the piece.

You can also see I am blocking out his presentation base early with representative shapes. It's good to think these things out early, it keeps the piece fresh and gives you a clear idea of where you are going to end up. I still have quite a bit to do on this guy, but he is coming along nicely and I am having fun!

Bobo the Seal links:

Website: http://www.bobotheseal.com/

Where I got the SDK: http://jseamanart.wordpress.com/2010/10/08/bobo-the-seal-demon-sdk/